GAIN RumenCare Calf Nut

GAIN RumenCare Calf Nut is a palatable 16% protein feed. GAIN RumenCare Calf Nut will take good ‘care’ of calves during and after the critical turnout stage. GAIN RumenCare Calf Nut contains a unique calf nutrition and health pack included called RumiDrive.

What is RumiDrive?

RumiDrive is to support calf performance at grass and ensure lifetime productivity is not compromised. Keeping calf performance on track at grass is crucial to achieving targets throughout heifer development. This sets the animal up for achieving targets at breeding, calving and ultimately enables good long-term productivity. The combination of weaning and turning out to lush grass puts the still developing rumen under stress and the lifetime productivity of the calf. RumiDrive has 4 key elements; Buffers, B Vitamins, Proviflore C and Yeast.

Features and benefits of GAIN RumenCare Calf Nut 

  • 16% protein ‘coarse in a nut’ feed and will help ‘care’ for the calf.
  • GAIN RumenCare Calf Nut can be introduced before calf turnout.
  • Includes maize, supplying slow release bypass starch and will increase live weight gain.
  • Contains native cereals.
  • Includes high quality protein, from soya.
  • Concentrated energy source, from vegetable oil.
  • Includes a special mineral and vitamin supplement, supplying all the essential mineral and vitamin micro nutrients.
  • High level of Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin E included, to help support calf immunity.
  • GAIN RumenCare Calf Nut is a sweet feed to encourage intake.

Feeding recommendations:

  • Feed to weaned calves at grass.
  • GAIN RumenCalf Nut can be introduced before calf turnout.
  • Feed at 1 to 1.5kg per 100kg bodyweight per day.
  • Feed twice per day to maximise feeding benefit.
  • Do not exceed of 1.5kg per 100kg bodyweight.
  • Feed for at least 4 to 8 weeks after turnout until the calf is well settled at grass.
  • GAIN RumenCare Calf Nut can be fed for longer periods, as required or desired.
  • Do not feed to sheep.

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Last Updated: 25 February 2022

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