AHI CellCheck Week 2021


CellCheck Virtual Week Day 1: Change coming in 2022 to how we use antibiotics on Irish dairy farms. See WHY here:


CellCheck Virtual Week Day 2: winter housing. What you can do NOW to prepare for a successful winter housing period


CellCheck Virtual Week Day 3: Getting tubing right when drying cows off


CellCheck Virtual Week Day 4: Farmers across Ireland on why they milk record: Find Here



On the week starting Monday 18 October, Animal Health Ireland are running a national CellCheck week.


Topics involved in CellCheck week include:

  • How to best manage your winter housing when it comes to preventing and managing mastitis.
  • Effective tubing of cows in the parlour and how to perfect your technique to ensure tubing is as clean and as successful as possible.
  • How to fully optimise the data from your Milk Recording.


Across the week there will be guest speaker events including Prof. Martin Cormican, who is the National Clinical Lead Antimicrobial Resistance & Infection Control Team for the HSE. He will explain why changes are necessary to antibiotic use in human and animal health and how we can make changes in the dairy industry to manage and prevent mastitis while safely reducing antibiotic use.


Keep an eye out on our social media channels and on the Animal Health Ireland website for additional information on how to get involved.


First Published: 27 September 2021


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