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24 May 2022

Avonmore shines as one of Ireland’s top brands

Avonmore is delighted to star as one of the top five most loved brands in Ireland, according to the latest survey.

11 May 2022

New support Services for Glanbia Co-op Farmer Shareholders offering free and confidential support 24/7

Glanbia Co-op is supporting the wellbeing of its farm supplier shareholders through counselling and information service.

05 May 2022

Glanbia plc publishes Q1 2022 interim management statement

Glanbia reports a strong Q1, FY 22 guidance raised.

20 Apr 2022

Cogeca President visits Twenty20 Beef Club farm

The President of an EU cooperative group has visited a Glanbia Ireland Twenty20 Beef Club member’s farm.

08 Apr 2022

Health programme targeting farmers reduces risk of CVD

More than eight out of ten farmers who participated in the Farmers Have Hearts’ Programme made lifestyle changes to improve their heart health.

06 Apr 2022

Peak Milk Management update

It is important to closely monitor monthly supplies over the Peak Supply Months through glanbiaconnect.com.

04 Apr 2022

DIY SOS: The Big Build Ireland returns

Having captured the nations heart in 2020, DIY SOS: The Big Build Ireland is coming back to our screens on RTE One


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